A social service oriented, resourceful world educational trust with cultural leadership along with an integrated education system.


To uplift mankind & Society through the pursuit of Education, Social Services & medical facilities at the highest level of excellence.


To provide facilities for the daily educational needs of students – library, computers, science labs, sports, meals and hostel facilities.

Welcome to Annai Chellammal Educational Trust

Annai Chellammal Educational Trust is a registered, non-governmental, non-profitable, social service organization established in April 2005 with the aim of assisting poor, children education in the developing world. It started to work for the people who are really under the clutches of poverty and social backwardness. It provides help to the needy, education for poor children, funds for good causes, and all kind of social services like health camps, public awareness programmes.

How can you help

You can make a difference for the society. We depend entirely on voluntary contributions for all our work. You can donate us a little part of your income for the sake and benefit of humanity. The donation will be utilized to organize free medical camps, medical awareness programs and maintaining the vast medical resource on this website. Your contributions mean a great deal to us and even more to the people who are real need of your support. Donations of any size are gratefully accepted.