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Good Evening to one & all

Esteemed guest of day,
All trustee members, parents, well-wishers, teaching & non-teaching staff and dear children.
A warm welcome aboard to everyone arrived here today.

As we approach to the end of this academic year and our years of service towards providing quality education since our inception in , we take this opportunity to thank the almighty lord for his abundant blessing and guidance , our Founder (The chairman Mr. T.Chithamparanathan), our Director Mrs .Dr.Sasirekha Thalapathy, all trustee members, parents, students, teachers and well-wishers.

With your permission, I now present the Annual Report for the year 2023-2024. With our achievement registered by Annai chellammal CBSE School since the last annual day celebration.

As we share the yearly updates of our activities, we take the modesty to say that we did our best to do as we had planned and we are proud of our students and teachers who strive hard to achieve beyond expectations. We have focused on the holistic development of the students.

We have always been committed to create an environment in the school which helps the young mind to blossom and provide a platform for individual thinking and holistic development of the child‟s personality, as academic session witnesses repositioning, restructuring & refocus.

“You don‟t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”


Achieving academic excellence is at the heart of endeavour of all educators and academic institutions. An important measure of this pursuit is how the institution has performed, the most important of which is the Annual, School-ending examinations conducted by the ACCBSES.

We are proud to acknowledge that we had good result, achievement in academics, Co. curricular and extracurricular activities throughout the session. I proudly place before you the achievement of our students and progress of our school. Where all our staffs are committed, dedicated. “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirror into windows.”


Coming to academies we have 6 Formative assessment tests and two Summative Assessment exams to measure the academic standard of the children as academics is very important to compete in this competitive world where they have to excel themselves.


PTA meetings were arranged monthly to inform the parents about their child‟s performance we cherish and thank all the parents for their cooperation and their constructive suggestion in our Endeavour of imparting quality education. Parents discussed on their wards‟ performance and collected the report cards.


Morning assemblies are all about scholars and mentors coming together to start the day. Assemblies are an important feature of School‟s routine. They form a significant part of the school‟s curriculum by creating a positive, reflective ethos and promoting value-based education. They powerfully nurture the development of intrapersonal intelligence. Each class takes turn to present assembly based on a theme identified for the week which includes general values and the special days occurring in those weeks , like girl child day, science day , etc.


ACCBSE family comprises of 14 well trained, well experienced, dedicated teaching staffs . We duly appreciate the tremendous cooperation on the part of everyone associated with this institution who have strived their best to mould our students to work hard to make their dreams and aspiration come true. Apart from the various core subject teachers, we have dynamic COACHERS for physical education, yoga, Bharathanatiyam, skating, karate and dance.

Counseling Sessions…

Students appearing at the Formative assessment Exams are guided and motivated by the school counselor regarding their career choices.


“Every day is a good day. There is something to learn, care and celebrate.”

With gaining knowledge and conducting contests, many events are celebrated. These events are not only educational but also fun. Some of the initiatives taken this year are:

1. Drawing Competition
2. Essay writing competition
3. Elocution competition in Hindi, Tamil and English
4. Thirukkural recitation competition
And a lot more concepts were introduced while celebrating different days.

Celebrations sharing the happy moments together and spreading joy all around is a vital aspect of A.C.C.B.S.E we follow every year.

a) Onam, is an important festival celebrated with great zest and veneration which indicates people to be one apart from their religion.

b)Teachers‟ Day celebrations:
In ACCBSE On September 5TH, 2023 a grand programme was organised by students from Pre.K.G to VIII in the premises to honour their teachers. All the staff members offered a tribute to Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. Teachers performed cultural programme comprising of games and songs .

C) Children Day November14:-2023-2024
Children are our most valuable resource who makes our life important. Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory bank of our children. They re-invent our world for us .‟ Our school commemorated Children‟s Day on 14‟th November 2023 with Great fervour and excitement.. Our teachers put up an excellent show of their talent by performing songs,dance and fun games such as sac race,long jump,shot put,and various games to entertain the children on the occassion. The Principal re-kindled the uniqueness of children and how extremly valuable they are for the society and inspire the students to attain great height.


Perunthalaivar K. Kamarajar‟s 121st Birth day was celebrated on 15.07.23 in our school campus. The Program started with the prayer song. During the programme, our students delivered impressive speeches in hindi ,tamil and english and heartfelt songs, dance,highlighting Kamarajar‟s dignity, selflessness, brilliance, and his remarkable contributions to the field of education. highlighting Kamarajar‟s dignity, selflessness, brilliance, and his remarkable contributions to the field of education. To honour his memory, the Principal, teachers, and students of ACCBE paid their respects by offering flowers to Kamarajar‟s photograph.

1.As a part of celebration handwriting competition in hindi,tamil and english, drawing,essay writingand Elecution competition in tamil,English and Hindi. 2.Thirukkural recitation competition conducted Gradewise to protrait Kamarajar‟s elevations as a simple person to a successful kingmaker of Indian Cabinet.At last Medals and certificates were distributed to the winners in the programme.

This group of company has conducted Essay writing competition in English for grade VI to VIII. We are glad to inform that our students have won gold,silver ,bronze medals and got certificates . f)As per the CEO order Drug awareness were created among students by conducting Essay writing , Elocution and drawing competitions on SAY YES TO BOOKS AND NO TO DRUGS:

DRUG AWARENESS PROGRAMME:- In our school drug awareness programme was held on 14-10-2023. This programme was arranged by ACCBES and, by kumari people’s charity.In this programme children from grade 6 to 8th were brought awareness about drug and its de-merits.
Scholastic Activities – The school looks at each learner as a unique whole person with inherent genius, special capabilities and unlimited potential by providing a conducive and encouraging environment the students are mentored to participate in a variety of inter school activities.

Health & Hygiene – „To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to trim the lamp of wisdom, and keep our mind strong . Clear water surrounds the lotus flower, but does not wet its petals.‟ Good health of students is a primary concern of school. A health check-up was conducted by Health centre from Thiruppathisaram, and provide vaccine for the students. An eye check-up was conducted in our school from Dr.Agarwal eye hospital,parvathipuram,Nagercoil for all students , teachers and nonteaching staff. A training program of Yoga for 1 hour is regularly going on in our school to maintain students fitness both physically and mentally..

Sports – “Sports teaches us how to lose, but it also teaches us how not to be a loser”.

The domain of sports has the vast potential to “better” the game of life itself. Besides promoting physical fitness, it lays importance on healthy lifestyle and helps in developing social skills. Sports play a pivotal role in instilling among our impressionable learners values that would hold them in good stead throughout their lives, such as, discipline, team-spirit, sportsmanship etc. For the past two years Our students participated in Taekwondo Championship and won Gold medals , silver and bronze medals. This year the 3 rd Tamil Nadu South Zone Taekwondo Championship-2024 was held in the month of December 2023. Our students participated and have achieved II nd place in district level. Excursion-2023-2024 Our school organizes excursions to help students gain first-hand knowledge and augment their academic learning transacted beyond the confines of a class room, in joyful company of peer & friends. The good work of a school is the result of hard work of students, parents, teachers and timely support from several quarters on behalf of the school. Special thanks are due to all the parents as well. Their constructive criticism and valuable feedback has always been helpful in so many different ways. Last but not the least, the staff & students of the school deserve a special mention for their consistent diligence, sincerity & devotion with which they continue to persevere zealously in achieving excellence in all aspect of learning at school. On behalf of teachers and other staff, I now take this opportunity to commit ourselves to do our best at all times to honourably serve the institution and every stake holder. Let me conclude this report by the words of our former president Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

“Learning gives you creativity, „creativity leads to thinking‟ Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great”.